If you’ve never tried derma rolling before then you may be wondering exactly what it’s for. The benefits to your skin are numerous, but it’s important to understand how derma rolling works before giving it a go for the first time.

What is derma rolling?

Derma rolling is a common term for collagen induction therapy. This involves using extremely thin, sterile needles to puncture the skin.

The needles that you use are very short, so when derma rolling at home you shouldn’t feel discomfort – you are lightly pricking the skin, not wounding it. The purpose is to open up your pores so that any skincare products you use have a stronger effect.

How do you use a derma roller?

Derma rollers can be used every couple of days, but you need to make sure you’re carrying out the right process:

- Start by cleansing your skin (and do not use if you currently have open wounds or a skin infection)

- Make sure that your derma roller is sterile – spray with alcohol solution and wash with warm water

- Hold your skin tight and roll over each area with medium pressure. Don’t overdo the motions – go once up and down, once side to side and once diagonally over each section of skin.

- Apply your skincare products. Vitamin C serums to stimulate the skin works well, as does anything known to boost collagen production. - Spray and wash your roller again and leave to dry. 

Is derma rolling good for stretch marks?

Derma rolling is not just for your face, as it’s known to be a particular effective remedy for stretch marks. You can follow the same steps outlined above on areas of skin with stretch marks to get the effects.

Just remember that it isn’t a one-time treatment. Use your derma roller for several weeks to start seeing results. Aside from stretch marks, it can help with scars and hyperpigmentation.

How often should you use a derma roller?

You shouldn’t be derma rolling every single day, but with a basic, small needles that you use for the skin on your face (anything under 1mm) every other day is fine. Some experts recommend starting with once per week and gradually building up, to get your skin used to the process.

With the longer needles, you should use them slightly less frequently. A needle of 1mm can be used once every two weeks or so, while lengths of 1.5mm are suitable for use every 3-4 weeks. Longer needles should only be used as part of a professional treatment.

Which needle size do I need?

On our derma roller page, you’ll have a choice of different needle lengths. We recommend the following:

- 0.25mm for regular skincare.

- 0.5mm for treating light wrinkles, scarring and hyperpigmentation on your face.

- 1mm for treating more pronounced skin problems, including blackheads, acne scars and even light stretch marks.

- 1.5mm for the skin on your body, rather than your face. This length is best for dealing with scarring and stretch marks.

Which serums should I use when derma rolling?

One of the best parts of derma rolling is applying the skincare products after you finish, and watching your skin drink them up. You can choose any serum that treats the skincare concerns that you have, but we are particularly big fans of applying Vitamin C.