Gauze peeling pads offer the perfect solutions for people who struggle with oily skin, clogged up pores and frequent outbreaks. When standard exfoliation isn’t enough to clean out your skin, you can use a peeling pad for a deeper cleanse.

Neogen’s bio-peel pads are the stand-out product, with three options available each targeted at a different type of skin. Each set contains 30 single-use exfoliation pads. The pads are double sided, with a rougher side used to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells, and a smoother side that can be used to pat the essential essences into your skin.

Vitamin C: clear dark marks and reduce blemishes

The Vitamin C peel pads are our product of choice for skin that is dull, tired or recovering from an outbreak. By exfoliating with the pad first, you ensure that the ingredients are able to penetrate further into the skin, allowing you to feel more of the benefits. Vitamin C is well known for brightening the skin, and also helps to fade dark spots or unwanted freckles. It should also help if you have marks or scars on your skin from acne.

Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon

Green tea: hydrate and soothe dry, irritated skin

Sensitive skin is catered to by the green tea gauze peel pads, which use the anti-inflammatory properties of green tea as well as a host of other soothing ingredients – such as centella asiatica and mugwort – to calm down inflamed skin and prevent any further irritation. These ingredients are also helpful for clearing up acne, so if you’re dealing with a current outbreak they may be able to kickstart the healing process.

Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Green Tea

Red wine extract: reduce wrinkles and fine lines

The final option of red wine peel pads will be ideal for anybody with skin that is starting to look older, with lines, wrinkles or areas that are sagging. Red wine derivatives are used in skincare to stop wrinkles and fine lines from forming, leaving your skin looking smoother as well as younger. These pads can also help to minimize your pores, improving your overall complexion.

Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine

Once you’ve chosen the gauze peeling pads that best suit your skin type, it’s simple to start using them. Exfoliation should be the third step in your skincare routine, after you’ve cleansed the face of any make-up and impurities and applied your toner if you’re using one. Exfoliation is most effective if you double-cleanse your skin first, using an oil-based and then a water-based cleanser.

Once you’re ready to get started, follow the instructions on the tub for easy two-step exfoliation. Finally, rinse off your face with lukewarm water to get rid of any residue.

You don’t need to exfoliate your skin everyday – these pads are recommended for use 2 – 3 times per week. You should start to see the results almost immediately, and fans of the product have said that they noticed clearer, brighter skin after just a couple of uses.