Today we’re shining the spotlight on something slightly different: our great range of bamboo dinner sets for kids!

These bright and colourful sets come in a range of different styles and designs, with something to suit every youngster. Here are a few reasons to consider adding bamboo tableware to your next mealtime.

It’s free from nasty chemicals

Unlike plastic, bamboo dinnerware is free from harsh chemicals such as BPA and phthalates as well as other toxins that you don’t want to get onto your child’s foods. Because bamboo is a natural, plant based and often organic material, you don’t need to worry about any dubious chemicals that may have been used during the production process.

This is particularly important for younger children who may be more susceptible to the toxic affects of unsafe chemicals.

Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties, which means that these types of dinner set are also very hygienic and easy to clean – again, without the need for any strong chemicals.

Better for the environment

Bamboo isn’t just better for your baby – it’s better for the environment, too. We all know that we should be cutting down on our plastic consumption as much as we can and switching to bamboo tableware for the kids is one easy way to make it happen.

Bamboo is biodegradable, and it’s also made without the use of any pesticides or chemicals. This means that when it decomposes, it does so without releasing any pollutants into the atmosphere.

It’s also great for the environment when people support the planting of bamboo by showing that there is demand for bamboo products. Bamboo plants produce more oxygen than many other types of plant and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Help teach good table manners

Giving your child their own dinner set is a great way to try and encourage better manners at the table. It can be difficult for children to learn to use their cutlery and avoid playing with their food but getting them involved in the process is a great way to give them some encouragement as well as a sense of control over the process.

Options such as this five-piece cars bamboo dinner set are fun and exciting as well as functional and can really encourage your kid to love mealtimes.

Kids Bamboo Dinner Set - Cars 5 piece

Get the right serving size

Offering children appropriately sized portions can really help to stop them from over-eating, and can help them learn how to regulate their appetite. Using a special bamboo dinner set will help you to measure out the correct amount of food for a younger child, which is both healthier for them and less wasteful.

Make dinnertime fun

Why shouldn’t mealtimes be fun? By choosing their favourite characters or designs, you can make dinner a far more enjoyable process. We have lots of different sets available to ensure that you can find something to suit your child’s preferences.

For instance, the five-piece twinkle fairy & unicorn five piece set is a great option for those who want to add a bit of sparkle to their dinner! These dinner sets also make a great gift for a young child’s birthday or a baby shower.

Kids Bamboo Dinner Set - Twinkle Fairy & Unicorn 5 Piece