Bath pillows are waterproof cushions designed to improve your bathing experience by adding comfort and luxury. Having a relaxing bath, particularly with the aid of a bath pillow, has benefits for your body and mind.

Relieve stress

A bath can be the perfect way to unwind after a long day and get rid of some of the stresses of life. Warm water has been found to improve the mood and using a bath pillow should help you get comfortable and it can make the experience even more relaxing. Try a soft luxury bath pillow and feel your worries melt away. 

White Relax Bath Pillow

Reduce muscle pains

Bath pillows can also help to relieve pressure that has built up in your joints and muscles, helping to get rid of pain or discomfort that you may be feeling in these areas. Some pillows are even designed to target pains in specific muscle groups.

Prevent back pain

If you struggle with back pain in particular, then laying out in the bath may not always be as comfortable as you would hope. A bath pillow can be used to support your back as well as your neck, a proven way to reduce the discomfort.

Spend longer in the bath

If you can’t get comfortable in the bath, you probably won’t be able to stay in the hot water long enough to enjoy all of the therapeutic benefits it has to offer. Use a pillow to ensure that you can stay in the water for as long as you wish to – as this luxury black pillow says, it will give you some time with your thoughts.

Black Thinking Time Bath Pillow

Avoid getting a sore neck

One of the most important functions of a bath pillow is the way that it supports your neck. This is important because sitting for a long time with your neck unsupported can cause it to become tight, stiff, and even painful. Giving your head and neck something to rest on will help you avoid this.  

Create your own spa experience

There’s nothing quite as luxurious as going for a spa day, but if you want to recreate the experience in your own home then a soft bath pillow can help you. Add candles and your favourite bath bomb to get the full effect.

Improve your posture

Laying in the wrong posture while enjoying your bath can cause long term back problems. Using a pillow to reduce the stress on your spine and encourage your body to fall in the correct posture will help you avoid a sore back.

Read or enjoy a drink

A good bath is made even better by bringing a book or your favourite beverage – but if you can’t get into the right position then you won’t be able to enjoy them. Use a bath pillow to find that perfect spot so that you can enjoy these additional pleasures as part of your bath routine.

Ultimate relaxation

Take all of these benefits together and it’s clear that bath pillows help provide the ultimate relaxation. From relieving pain to giving you time to unload your mind, a pillow can turn your bath into a real spa experience. If you’re still looking for the perfect pillow, try the purple pamper yourselfbath pillow from Country Club, which is sure to brighten up your bathroom and help you get into a more relaxing frame of mind.

Purple Pamper Yourself Bath Pillow