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Magnetic eyelashes?! Yes, you heard us correctly – and if you want to start getting your glam on ready for the summer, this hot new beauty trend could be for you.

So what are magnetic lashes? It’s actually quite straightforward: a magnetic eyelash kit contains two sets of lashes which go either side of your real lashes, sandwiching them in between and clipping together via the power of magnetism. They can be applied quickly and simply using just your fingers, or an applicator if that’s your preference.

The result is whatever you want it to be. Just like regular fake lashes, magnetic eyelashes come in a range of different styles to suit every woman. If you want something big and bold for a night on the town, they have you covered – but there are also natural magnetic lashes available for everyday use.

Intrigued? Why not browse our range of magnetic lashes to see what catches your eye? Or take a look at our answers to common questions below…

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One of Korea’s biggest beauty trends, so-called ‘glass skin’ refers to a smooth and clear complexion with a natural glow. As much a skincare philosophy as a beauty regime, it’s all about ensuring that your skin is as healthy as it can be.

This means good hydration, of course, but it also involves nurturing your body in other ways – such as providing it with the right vitamins and minerals.

The result is smooth, almost invisible pores and a luminous glow. Achieving glass skin is well worth the effort, since it means that your body is happy and healthy.

It can also cut down on the need to wear make up products since your skin will naturally appear bright and blemish free.

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Skincare sets are a great way to overhaul your entire beauty routine, and work well if you're looking for complementary products to target a particular skin complaint, such as dryness or tired looking skin. They also make a great gift, especially for somebody who is keen to get into luxury skincare but not sure where to start.

Today we going to take a look at the Centella Soothing and Hydrating Skincare Set from the popular K-beauty brand Cosrx. Using Centella Asiatica as its hero ingredient, it's designed to help people with skin that is sore, red or excessively dry. It also provides targeted relief for those who may be suffering from acne.

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We could talk all day about the wonders that snail mucin can do for your skin. A traditional part of Korean skincare, it is beginning to gain a global following as people start to see the incredible effects of adding it to your skincare routine.

One of the best things about snail secretion filtrate is the impressive range of different skin complaints that they can target. It will add moisture to your skin and help to repair your natural moisture barrier, making it a great option for dehydrated or dull looking skin.

There are also a range of anti-aging benefits – most notably the stimulation of collagen production, which will help to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Finally, it calms irritation and boosts your skin’s overall health with a range of essential vitamins and minerals.

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A healthy, glowing complexion is the holy grail for many of us: skin that is naturally smooth and radiant, even without putting on any makeup. Luckily the range of great skincare ingredients available today make this a realistic skincare goal.

By building up a good daily routine and using complementary products, you can greatly improve your skin tone and get that bright glow after just a couple of weeks.


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One of the most common skincare complaints that we’re asked about is acne. Many of us suffer from these irritating little blemishes which mark the skin and leave long-term scarring – and most of us who have acne want to find a way to treat it and repair some of the damage.

If this sounds familiar then the Cosrx Acne Removal Skincare Set could be your hero, offering not just one product to help get rid of blemishes and spots, but a whole new routine that will give your skin a new lease of life.

The set is made up of several different types of acne patch to treat your pimples directly, as well as a gently daily cleanser designed to target the causes of your skincare troubles. Let’s take a look at each of the products in turn and see how they could benefit your skin.

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Heatwaves are one of the best parts of a classic British summer: long days when you can sit out in the garden or a local park and make the most of the sun. It's easy to get carried away though, and aside from dehydration or heat exhaustion the main thing that you need to protect yourself against is sunburn.

The signs of sunburn can start to appear in as little as 15 minutes. And, despite the common myths and misconceptions, you can still be affected by the sun even if it's later in the day or you have a darker skin tone. You can also get burned through glass, with many people getting sunburn during long car journeys or flights.

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Derma rolling is a simple and effective way of encouraging healthy new skin tissue to form, improving the skin’s natural production of collagen (important for keeping your face looking young) and reducing the appearance of marks such as wrinkles and acne scars.

It's done by rolling rows of fine needles over your face, puncturing the skin slightly to address common complaints such as scarring and aging.

While it's possible to go to the salon for derma rolling treatments, it's also something that you can do yourself at home, with needles of up to 1.5mm. This will go deep enough to reduce wrinkles, break down scar tissue and fade patches of discoloration or damage from the sun.

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Sick of waking up in the morning with puffy, inflamed looking skin? There are lots of things that can cause puffiness around the face – everything from diet to not getting enough sleep – but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it.

Massage rollers can be used to gently drain the lymphatic system, a part of your body which contains fluid and can lead to the appearance of puffiness.

Face rolling also improves the circulation, which means that more nutrients and more oxygen can get to your skin. This is important because it helps you to get that fresh, healthy looking glow.



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Many people suffer from skin complaints around the eyes. Modern life often means that we’re not getting as much sleep as we need – and this leads to dark circles and bags as well as puffiness and a general tired look. The skin under our eyes is also affected by the aging process, starting to sag and wrinkle as we get older.

It’s easy enough to address these issues if you reach for the right eye cream or gel. We have a great range of different eye products available, using different luxury ingredients to target specific concerns. Here are five of our favourites. 



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