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Derma rolling is a simple and effective way of encouraging healthy new skin tissue to form, improving the skin’s natural production of collagen (important for keeping your face looking young) and reducing the appearance of marks such as wrinkles and acne scars.

It's done by rolling rows of fine needles over your face, puncturing the skin slightly to address common complaints such as scarring and aging.

While it's possible to go to the salon for derma rolling treatments, it's also something that you can do yourself at home, with needles of up to 1.5mm. This will go deep enough to reduce wrinkles, break down scar tissue and fade patches of discoloration or damage from the sun.

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Sick of waking up in the morning with puffy, inflamed looking skin? There are lots of things that can cause puffiness around the face – everything from diet to not getting enough sleep – but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it.

Massage rollers can be used to gently drain the lymphatic system, a part of your body which contains fluid and can lead to the appearance of puffiness.

Face rolling also improves the circulation, which means that more nutrients and more oxygen can get to your skin. This is important because it helps you to get that fresh, healthy looking glow.



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Today we’re shining the spotlight on something slightly different: our great range of bamboo dinner sets for kids!

These bright and colourful sets come in a range of different styles and designs, with something to suit every youngster. Here are a few reasons to consider adding bamboo tableware to your next mealtime.


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Bath pillows are waterproof cushions designed to improve your bathing experience by adding comfort and luxury. Having a relaxing bath, particularly with the aid of a bath pillow has benefits for your body and mind.

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Helping your child reach important milestones, like being weaned from milk to solid foods, is something that can occupy a lot of space in a parent’s mind. It's normal to worry about finding a weaning style that's suits your child.

Understanding the options can help you make a better decision for your family. Today we’re going to take a closer look at baby led weaning: the process of giving your child freedom to explore new foods on their own terms, by offering them small, soft pieces of finger food rather than spoon feeding them.

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If you’ve never tried derma rolling before then you may be wondering exactly what it’s for. The benefits to your skin are numerous, but it’s important to understand how derma rolling works before giving it a go for the first time.

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Hot water bottles are not just good for keeping you warm on a cold night: they can also be powerful pain-relief aids, helping you to get some respite from uncomfortable aches and pains.

We’ve pulled together some common questions about how to use hot water bottles to keep back pain at bay.

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On a cold winter’s night, there are few things as comforting as a hot water bottle warming up your bed and helping to keep you toasty. That’s not all they’re good for, either.

Lots of people find that hot water bottles can help relieve cramps and aches; they can even relieve discomfort during pregnancy.

Now, hot water bottles have been given an upgrade: you can buy long hot water bottles that help to spread the warmth across your whole body.

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