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When it comes to understanding how skincare products benefit your skin, some are more obvious than others. It’s obvious how cleansers, moisturisers and exfoliators are going to help you improve the quality of your skin, but many of us are still unsure about what toners, serums, essences and ampoules are.

We’re going to take a look at each in turn, so that you can understand the unique benefits to your skin – and how they differ from one and other.

Remember, a skincare routine can consist of as many or as few of these products as you feel your skin needs. Playing around with different products and ingredients is a great way to find a routine that works for you.


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We all know that moisturiser is an essential part of our daily skincare routine. Even oily skin can become dehydrated, and using a good moisturiser will make it look and feel much healthier. But it's not simply a case of choosing any product off the shelf.

Different moisturising creams will treat the skin in different ways, and the active ingredients used will help to treat other skincare issues that you may be having. Here's a quick guide to choosing the right moisturiser for your skin type.


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We know that there’s a lot more to good beauty products than a great scent, but ingredients that smell good enough to eat are definitely no bad thing. That’s what you’ll get from the Organic Shop’s Body Desserts range, which offer a real feast for all the senses.

The Body Desserts collection offers a selection of different body scrubs which can be used when you’re in the bath or shower to gently cleanse or exfoliate your skin. With options for every skincare need, let’s take a look at what makes these products such a treat.


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Fine lines and wrinkles are a natural part of getting older – but if you prefer the appearance of your skin without them, there are plenty of products out there to help you reduce them (or get rid of them altogether!).

We recommend adding a serum to your skincare routine, as this will allow you to apply a concentrated dose of carefully targeted ingredients to your skin. Serums should be applied after you cleanse and tone your skin, but before any creams or moisturisers. Here are five of the best:


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Are you ready to take a step into the wonderful world of K-Beauty? Korean skincare brands are known across the world for using unusual and luxurious ingredients to help improve the condition and appearance of the skin. The aim is to create skin that looks smooth, radiant and, above all, healthy.

We’ve pulled together a list of some of the most popular Korean creams, toners and serums that should be on every woman’s beauty list.

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Whether you’re dealing with a couple of rogue spots or a full-on breakout, dealing with blemishes can be very frustrating. Most of us try to reduce the appearance of blemishes as quickly as we can, and there are plenty of different creams, serums and masks available to help do the trick.

Spots and acne can also be sore or painful, and can even cause lasting damage to the skin – so we’re looking at products that will help to soothe and repair as well as improving your complexion.

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Treating your skin to a Korean sheet mask is a particularly relaxing experience. These simple products use thin cotton sheets soaked in a range of ingredients that can address different skincare complaints and help improve the quality of your skin in different ways.

By leaving the sheet pressed against your skin for around 20 minutes, you trap the ingredients and help to ensure that as much as possible is soaked up by your pores.

While using any sheet mask will have its benefits, you’ll get the best impact if you choose one that matches your skin’s needs. We’ve chosen five of our favourites, all formulated to target different concerns.


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Gauze peeling pads offer the perfect solutions for people who struggle with oily skin, clogged up pores and frequent outbreaks. When standard exfoliation isn’t enough to clean out your skin, you can use a peeling pad for a deeper cleanse.

Neogen’s bio-peel pads are the stand-out product, with three options available each targeted at a different type of skin. Each set contains 30 single-use exfoliation pads.

The pads are double sided, with a rougher side used to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells, and a smoother side that can be used to pat the essential essences into your skin.

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Cherry blossom is not just a stunning flower, it’s also a helpful skincare product that offers a surprising range of benefits. Popularised by Japanese beauty brands, it is now a popular ingredient for K-beauty products too, and not without good reason.

The primary benefit of loading up your skin with cherry blossom is to repair and prevent damage to the skin. Your skin can be damaged by substances known as free radicals, which affect the appearance of the skin and cause premature aging.

This can be combated by using skincare products that are high in antioxidants – something which cherry blossom contains in abundance.

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When taking the time to develop a skincare routine, it’s important not to neglect your lips – an area of the face that can easily become dry and cracked if you don’t pay them enough attention.

A lot of people have never heard of lip sleeping masks, but we think they’re the must-have pamper product of 2021.

If you’re starting to build a new skincare regimen for the new year, then it’s a great idea to incorporate lip masks as part of your routine.

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