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How to get Glass Skin in six easy steps

Do you want to transform your skin and get that healthy glow all year round? This is the promise of glass skin, a popular K-beauty trend which gives you an irresistibly smooth and bright complexion.

While this may sound like something for supermodels, it’s actually a trend that can be embraced by all of us, as long as we follow the right skincare steps. Try this easy routine to improve your skin, as we explain how to get glass skin in six easy steps.  

Start every morning with a double-cleanse

Double cleansing means using two separate cleansers to ensure that your skin is clean and your pores aren’t blocked, and it’s the first step of any good beauty regimen. You’ll want to start with an oil-based cleanser – something like The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil.

Even those with oily skin can benefit from using this type of product, as oil is the best thing to cut through whatever might be clogging up your skin. Then move onto a water-based cleanser to wash away any remaining impurities. Son Park Beauty Water is great because it acts as a cleanser and a toner, revealing brighter, smoother skin after use.

Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells – but only once every few days

Exfoliating once or twice a week is another way to keep your pores clean, removing any build up of dead skin cells.

It can also help you to avoid breakouts or other skin complaints, minimising your pores and giving you the smooth complexion which is one of the key features of the glass skin look. Try these exfoliation pads, which also help with hydration.

Restore your natural balance with a favourite toner

Using a toner helps to keep your skin healthy by ensuring that you have the right PH balance.

It can also provide a base for absorbing your other products such as serums and moisturisers, and can help address concerns such as dryness or excessive oil. Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin EX is a great all-rounder that works for any skin type.

Layer up with essences and serums

Essences are light products that give you another burst of hydration. Apply these first, and then move onto your serums. In order to achieve glass skin, you want serums that provide moisture or have a brightening effect.

It’s fine to mix and match products during this stage, and one option is to find a set of complimentary products, such as the Cosrx Full Fit Propolis Nourishing & Revitalizing Skincare Set. This offers three different products, so you can get the unique benefits of each.

Never skip your moisturiser

Moisturiser is absolutely essential, and will form a barrier over your skin so that it retains its moisture more effectively. There are so many great moisturising products out there, many of which are enriched with additional ingredients to provide skin brightening or anti-aging benefits, or to tackle common skincare issues.

You can also pick up hydrating skincare sets, such as this Moisture Serum and Cream from iUNIK, which offers two separate products to help you get glass skin.

Finish with a layer of protection

Using SPF to protect your skin is a really important part of the glass skin beauty regimen. Some people are put off by the thick white creams they remember from childhood – but these days there are plenty of luxurious sun protection products available.

We like the Cosrx Soothing Sun Cream, which uses Aloe to help address any existing skin damage.


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